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Thursday, 8 January 2015


Hello to all my bloggy friends, and welcome to my new followers,
Desire and Lynsey. I hope you enjoy your visits.

From a quick browse it appears that most of you have shrugged off
the effects of the 'silly season', and are back to full swing with your 
crafting. However, I have not posted anything since New Year's 
Day, and other than this post, I will be M.I.A. for about the  
next 2 weeks for 2 reasons.

One is that I am having to do most things for my poor John, because of
his accident. He cannot shower or dress himself, do his hair (he has a 
ponytail), cut up his food, drive the car, nor attend to his normal outside 
tasks. Once again we spent several hours at the hospital yesterday, having
a new cast put on his arm. It is the 3rd one in 10 days, as the casts 
become looser as the huge swelling reduces.

The second reason for my absence is that I am trying to move my studio
down to the spare bedroom in the house. It is mind boggling how much
junk stash I have accumulated in the 15 years since we converted the 
old stable. Lots of people have dropped in to wish John 'get well', 
which is lovely, but of course I use that as an excuse to be 
distracted from the sorting out process.

Since just after Christmas, we have had temperatures in the high 30s, so
that makes going up to the studio, and carting boxes and equipment 
down to the house very unpleasant.

I am bursting at the seams to tell you all some very exciting news, 
but it will have to remain a secret for the moment.
All will be revealed soon, so....

Until then, "happy crafting" and
Big hugs,
Jennifer. x

P.S. The photo is a corner of our garden, but since it was taken about 2 years ago, some of the plants have changed...mainly because of the dreadfully hot and dry conditions we have had in recent years.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Five Favourite Creations of 2014


In addition to Debby's 2014 Five Favourite Christmas Cards Challenge,
she is also hosting a challenge where you can enter your Five 
Favourite Creations of 2014.

Once again it was difficult to choose my 5 favourite cards this year,
because like so many of we crafters, I am super critical about my
own work. However, I have narrowed my choices down to 6...
I just couldn't choose which one of the following cards to
eliminate. For details, please click on the card titles.

Debby 4000 - 'Five Favourite Creations of 2014'

For the first day of 2015, John and I have had a very quiet day at home. We spent many hours at the hospital yesterday, where John had more x-rays on his hand, and a new plaster applied.

The surgeons decided not to operate, as they felt that if they cut into John's hand to screw the bones, it would take longer to have his hand back to full strength, than if they just plastered it. The compromise is that he will most likely have an ever so slight shortening of his finger (about 2-3mm). If he had any other occupation than professional pianst, the Drs would have operated, and any very slight permanent changes would not have been a problem.

Although it is almost 11pm, it is still very hot, with high humidity. This evening at about 7pm, it was 34oC! I'm going to have my 3rd cool shower for the day, and try to sleep. Apparently we have another 'stinker' on the way tomorrow.

Until next time, I'm sending happy New Year hugs,
Jennifer. x