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Monday, 29 December 2014

What A Day!

Today is my birthday, and what a day of ups and downs!

John and I had planned our usual 'Jennifer's birthday' excursion to the 
lovely Central Coast, about 1 1/2 hours drive from here.

HOWEVER, when I came home from the Fort yesterday evening, John
said he had started to get back into cleaning out our large fish pond. He
started the task about 3 weeks ago, but had a fall in the pond, cutting and 
badly bruising his foot. The cut became infected, and has only just started to
to heal in the past few days, so 'muggins' decided to get back into the
pond, and try again. Grrrrrrrrr!!

Yes, you guessed it...he slipped and fell again! He showed me his
was black, and the size of a bear's paw, with his wedding ring buried deep in
the swelling. After 10 minutes of an "it's nothing, just bruised, I don't need a
Dr" argument, followed by a 45 minute drive into town, and a long wait in
the E.D., x-rays revealed a spiralled break the full length of the longest
bone in the back of his hand...just what a professional pianist needs!!! 2
doctors saw him, and decided to hold off until Wednesday, after more
x-rays, as to whether they will operate and put a pin in his hand. John
is wearing a plaster from the tips of his fingers, almost to his elbow.

We got home very late last night, and both slept fitfully, then shortly after
we got up, poor John doubled over with cramps, and so began a day of...
shall we just say...a serious tummy upset. I had to help him shower 4 times.
There were several people sitting near us in the waiting room with 'tummy
upsets', so I think that is where John picked up the bug.

Several lovely friends rang me, and I received some beautiful cards in the
mail, so my birthday did have some high points.

I would like to say "hello and thank you" to Larelle, who is a close 
friend of my dearest and longest friend, Diane. Apparently Larelle 
looks up my blog almost every day.

My 'patient' has just had a piece of dry toast and some lemonade with no
'reaction', so I will go and tuck him in for the night.

Until next time,
Jennifer. x


  1. So sorry to hear of all your dramas. I hope that your husband makes good recovery and that you will eventually be able to enjoy a belated birthday trip together. Take care. Sharon x

  2. Oh dear what a to do. Hope the patient heals soon. Happy Birthday xx

  3. Oh my dear Jennifer ... How awful for John and what a terrible downer for your birthday. I hope that the doctors can successfully repair his hand and that it won' affect his ability to play the piano long term b hope my birthday card for you came through in time ... Thinking of you both
    Pauline x


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