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Friday, 23 August 2013

Joyful News!!!

Tears of joy are rolling down my cheeks because at 7pm tonight our darling little boy, Cujorelli (Cookie), returned home.

At first I thought I was imaging him meowing at the back door, as I have dreamed I have heard him every night since he disappered 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Then I thought it was the gale-force wind that was blowing...but was Cookie, freezing cold, filthy dirty, and a walking skeleton. We have weighed him, and he has lost almost 2 kgs!!

Heaven only knows what he has been through...if only animals could tell us. These past weeks have been bitterly cold in the nights (down to 0C, with one night -1C), and Cookie has always felt the cold badly, so he must have been so miserable. He has been given a small feed, some warm lactose-free milk, and is presently curled up in his basket by the fire - he appears quite exhausted. We didn't have the heart to bath him, so have just wiped him down with a damp towel to remove the excess dirt.

Cookie is the 26th kitty cat to own me, and this is the first time this has ever happened, but I just hope and pray that this will be the last time.

Poor old Pally (he is 15), we think was beginning to enjoy being an only cat after his initial confusion at Cookie's sudden disappearance. However, tonight he seems to be rather confused again by his sudden reappearance.

Perhaps we should rename Cookie, Lazarus!

As I wrote in the post about Cookie's disappearance, he was always zany, crazy & madcap, and not likely to 'grow up', but we can't help wondering if this experience will have changed his character.

Some of you are probably wondering why we feel like we do, but I know many of you are cat (or pet) lovers, and understand completely. A big thank you to all of you who wrote kind words of comfort when Cookie disappeared.

Miracles do happen!

Jennifer. x


  1. So happy to hear the news Jennifer.

  2. I am crying here hun, happiness for you and sadness that Cookie has had such a tough time. Their precious lives are in our care and oh boy do they screw with the heartstrings. I am so thrilled he is home! Hugs all round xx

  3. Way hay Jennifer this is the best possible news!! I'm so thrilled for you hun - miracles really do happen!
    Pauline xx

  4. Oh, that is such fantastic news and I am so happy Cookie is home safely with you :-D
    Hugs, Kat x

  5. I was so sorry to read what had happened to Cookie the other week, but am so pleased that he has returned home safely.

    Deborah A


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