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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Goodbye Little Friend

23/8/13 - Unbelievably, our darling Cookie turned up at 7pm tonight in the freezing cold and gale force wind. I thought I was imagining him meowing at the back door, as I have dreamed I could hear him almost every  night since he went missing. It would have been 3 weeks ago tomorrow morning that he disappeared after we let him outside after breakfast. He is pitifully thin (almost a skeleton) and filthy dirty, and although agitated, he appears to be uninjured.

It is so difficult to write this tonight, because I am so heart-broken and my eyes are filled with tears. Last Sunday our dear little Cujorelli, nicknamed Cujo, or mostly Cookie, went outside after his breakfast, and vanished. He was never outside for long, preferring to curl up on our bed, or in his basket by the window. We have spent many hours searching for him all week, to no avail. 
He loved to dive under the doona as I was trying to make the bed.
Cookie making himself very comfortable indeed.
He would often sleep soundly like this.
Although Cookie was almost 5 y.o., we don't think he would have ever
grown up. He loved to play games, and would squeeze into any bag, basket, 
or box that would stay still long enough.
Any time Cookie wanted our full attention, he would make a cute little
half meow, half purr sound, and tap us several times. He would not
stop until he got a big cuddle, or a back rub.

We miss our little boy and his zany antics so much. The strange thing is that, although they were not buddies, our other cat, Pagliacci (Pally) seems to be missing him too. Pally is a sedate old gentleman of 15 years, and his behaviour all week has been very odd. I don't believe anyone who says that animals don't know what is going on.

I will try to get some sleep now, although I keep waking up, thinking I can hear Cookie meowing. I keep getting up to check just in case a miracle has happened. The hardest part is not knowing what has happened to him. Our vet said that in our area, in the past few weeks, he knows of a Maltese Terrier and a joey (young kangaroo), having been snatched by an eagle...I just don't want to think about that theory!

My heart is just not in card-making mode at the moment, but my DT committments have pushed me along, so I will have some cards for you in a few days....

Until then,
Jennifer. x


  1. So so sorry to hear your sad news - he looks like a gorgeous little bundle of fun in the pics and I hope you at least have many happy memories of him.

    Hugs, Kat xx

  2. Oh hun, you must be beside-yourself with worry, I know I would be. I will keep you in my prayers and hope a little miracle does return to your doorstep. Hugs Sxx

  3. Hi Jennifer, I am so sad to hear that Cookie still hasn't turned up, I am still hoping and praying that he returns to you safe and sound
    Big hugs
    Julie xx


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