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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Hello fellow crafters,
I'm so sorry that I have been very slack about blogging, not commenting on your beautiful creations, nor replying to those of you who have left comments. I have just managed to maintain my DT committments. The reason is that I have had a mild dose of blood poisoning, and finally had to have surgery yesterday. I have 7 stitches in my back.

About 10 years ago when I was weeding my garden, I got a rose thorn tip in my back. John couldn't get it out, and for all that time it has sat there, causing not a bit of trouble. However, early last November, it developed into a large abscess. Four courses of antibiotics could not slow it's growth, and I had red streaks coming from it. It has ruptured several times, but then gets even more nasty afterwards, so last week, my Dr. booked me in for an op. yesterday. These past weeks I have been feeling awful, and today I am very sore, and washed out. Hopefully, the op., and this 5th course of antibiotics will have me on top of things in a few days. Healthwise, 2012 was diabolical for John and me, so I certainly didn't want to start off 2013 like this!!!

Thank you all for sticking by me, and I will try to catch up very soon.

Jennifer. x


  1. Oh hun, so sorry you have been suffering like this! Hopefully the treatment will have you back on your feet and raring to go in no time. Take care, and get well soon. Hugs, Sxx

  2. Sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell and had to have surgery. Hopefully you will soon be feeling better and raring to go. Take care of yourself.

  3. So sorry to hear you've been in pain with this. I hope the treatment has worked well and that you are soon back to strength.
    Take care
    Lorraine x

  4. Awww Jennifer it really does sound as if you have been having a terrible time. It's amazing that something so small can cause such a huge problem. I hope your recovery is swift and complete
    Eileen x

  5. Oh, Jennifer. You poor thing. That must have been really sore hun. I hope you recover really soon.

  6. Oh Jennifer you poor thing!! How awful for you ... No wonder you're feeling off colour. I hope now you have got it removed that it will all start to heal up and you will feel better.. Been a bit washed out myself but will be sure to write by the weekend.
    Hugs and take care
    Pauline x


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