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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Return to New Zealand

As promised, I have begun to sort out my photos from our recent trip to 
New Zealand, and have a few to show you. I spent hours last night trying 
to choose just a few, but have finished up with too many
 for one sitting, so will show you half tonight, and 
the other half tomorrow night.

I love full moons, and on our first night in NZ, it was almost full moon.
I was thrilled to find that we could lie in bed and look at the incredible
sight of Auckland's Sky Tower under that moon. This photo 
was taken about 11pm, from our motel room.

When we were in Auckland 18 months ago, I did the Skywalk, and 
was so excited to have the chance to do it again. The walkway is
192 metres, or 630 feet high, without a handrail. The views are 
breathtaking, and this time I was not even slightly 
nervous - just exhilerated!! 

The Skywalk goes right around the Skytower, and although the wind was
strong on the east and north side, it was VERY strong on the west and 
south side. At times it was difficult to stay upright, and I had to hold on
to my rope. The guides can take up to 6 people on a Walk, 
but this time I was the only person.

The massive crater of Mt Eden, an extinct volcano, overlooking Auckland's
CBD. There is a path around the rim, and John and I did the entire walk.
If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you will see tiny black 'spots' on 
the path. They are people, so that will give you a better idea of just how
big the crater is. The views were 360o, and spectacular.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am a guide at an historic Fort
(Fort Scratchley), in Newcastle, Australia. Before this trip to NZ, I arranged
to visit the Forts guarding Auckland Harbour. I had a wonderful afternoon
with a lovely gentleman from the Society that looks after the Conservation
of those Forts. He is a retired Army Officer, and very generously gave 
me an almost 4 hour private tour, taking me to many places 
that the public never see.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing just a few of my many, many photos...I will return tomorrow night with some more, so until then, take care,

Jennifer. x

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  1. Hi Jennifer - can't believe it is over a week since you have posted this and i am only just looking at it .. where is time going to?? I'm so glad to see you had a great time in New Zealand .. your photos are fantastic. just off to read your "part 2" post now ...
    pauline x


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