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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Vale Pagliacci

I have not been very active with my blog lately, but there are reasons for this. 

First, for quite a while now, we have been trying to deal with a very sad situation with our son who lives in London.

Second, regular visitors to my blog will know that I am a 'mad' lover of cats (and all other animals too). For several months now we have known that our darling boy, Pagliacci (Pally) had used up his 9 lives, and was therefore on 'borrowed time'.

Over the past 3 weeks he has deteriorated dramatically, requiring trips to the vet, and constant attention. The 'spark' had left his eyes, he was barely eating, had lost heaps of weight, was unsteady on his feet, and we just felt he was telling us that he was ready to go, so on Monday night John and I made the heart-breaking decision to help him leave on his final journey.

Dear Pally turned 15 last Christmas, and has had so many illnesses and injuries we have lost count. Of all the 26 cats I have been owned by, he was THE personality boy. Experts say that cats can have up to 16 forms of vocalisation in their vocabularies, and we are sure that Pally used them all. He has also been the loudest and most constant purrer. I lay on the floor next to his bed for much of last night, soothing and stroking him, and as weak as he was, he purred for hours, as if to say "thank you for staying with me".

Our vet came early this morning, and spent an hour with us sitting on a rug in the shade of a gum tree in the garden, where we said our goodbyes, and she attended to her task. Sarah was so gentle and compassionate with both Pally and us. This morning was particularly poignant for her, as Pally was the 1st cat she treated when she moved to our district, and she lost her own beloved kitty just 2 days ago.

Our home will never be the same without our darling boy and his 'conversations', and LOUD purring. This morning was all the more difficult because in the months since Pally started to 'fail' he has become very dependent, super affectionate, and 'sooky', wanting to be with us constantly (even in the bathroom).

For many years whenever I spent an afternoon in my studio, Pally would always sit outside, under the window, until his invisible wristwatch said it was time for me to begin the late afternoon feeding and bedding down routine with our pets. He would use his 'NOW!!' meow relentlessly until I obeyed.
He is now asleep forever in that same spot. 
Sleep peacefully little boy.

The whole time I have been writing this, I have had tears streaming down my face, so I will close off, wash my face and have a cup of tea.

Sad hugs,
Jennifer. xx


  1. Oh hunny, how much this must hurt. Goodbye little Pally, remember, Mollie is there waiting. Hugs xx

  2. So sad. Our pets are our family - our four legged, furry babies. They bring so much into our lives & give us so much love. Be comforted that Pally will always be with you in your hearts.

  3. So so sorry to hear of your loss but hope the memories of happy times with Pally will be some comfort - he was obviously so well loved.
    Big hugs, Kat xx

  4. I am so sorry Jennifer! Our pets are our family! The pain of losing a beloved pet is excruciating !


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