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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Pretty Poinsettia Paper

Hello, and welcome back to all my crafty friends. It has been so long since I
last attended to my blog, I almost forgot how to! 

January was a nightmare of a month, and I am glad it has finished, never to
return. We just seemed to crash headlong from one disaster to another...
John's broken hand has healed fairly well, but he still has a large lump over
the fracture site. He had a bad 'tummy bug', conjunctivitis, and had surgery 
to remove a cancer from his nose. The biopsy results came in last Thursday,
and they show bad cells right to the edges of the excision. He has to see a 
facial cancer specialist in 10 days. To finish off the month in a dramatic
manner, our kitty cat, Cookie, was bitten by a snake. After a mad drive 
into town at breakneck speed, Cookie was barely alive when we arrived
at the vet's surgery. He was given anti-venom ($743.00), and lots of 
other drugs. After 24 hours in intensive care, he made a truly 
miraculous recovery. The total bill came to $1,100.00, 
but our 'baby' is worth every cent.

I have not made any cards so far this year, because of all the 'dramas', and
also because we have been moving my studio (in a converted stable) down
to the spare bedroom in our house. The decision to do so was partly because
there have been several snakes around my studio lately! The 'move' last  
week was not without several major glitches (my cupboards were too 
big, and had to be cut down!). I am still trying to organise all 
my junk stash, now that the cupboards are smaller.

While having a break today from unpacking boxes, I updated my photo 
folders in my computer and found photos of 2 Christmas cards I had 
not blogged. This is one of them...a very basic card, using this
lovely glittered paper.
I have had this embossing folder for about 3 years, and realised I have 
never used it.

Inside my card is very simple.

Paper - Upikit
Dies - Spellbinders Classic and Scalloped Rectangles
Embossing - Cuttlebug Holly Ribbons
Peel-off stickers from my junk stash

Thank you for visiting, and I will be back on Friday with some very exciting news.

Jennifer x


  1. Lovely to see you back Jennifer - what a month you've has I'm not surprised you have been away so long - i hope things get off to a better start in February - This is such a pretty embossing folder - shame on you that its never beenused before - I couldn't possibly do anything like that lol! hugs judith

  2. A gorgeous card Jennifer. Love the design and pretty embossing.
    Good to see you back!
    Lorraine x

  3. I'm looking forward to the exciting news on Friday to balance out all the horrible dramas that you have been through recently. I'm glad to hear that John and Cookie are ok though :-)

    I am planning a craft room re-jig and although I am looking forward to new paint, carpet and storage, I am not looking forward to the actual moving bit! I hope you get yourself organised and settled into your new crafting space soon :-)

    Oh, and I haven't forgotten about your's really pretty and elegant - gotta love those poinsettias!

    Big hugs, Kat xx


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