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Sunday, 18 October 2015

BIG Changes!

Hello to all my patient crafting friends in blogland.

It is now a month since I last posted anything on my blog, so I thought I had better put
you all in the picture, so as to speak. If you read my post (here), you will know that we
have been having an awful time with John's health, following what was supposed to
be a simple procedure in hospital, but which turned into a case of medical negligence.
 Since that post, we have continued to lurch from one medical crisis to another, 
with John having several urgent admissions to hospital. He has to have 
another operation next Friday, and another in early November.

John has lost 11kgs in total (I would love to lose that much weight, but definitely NOT
how he has lost it!), and is still very weak. All this medical trauma has accelerated the
symptoms of his Parkinson's Disease, and one of the medications they commenced him
on, caused problems with his already unstable heart. Sooo, we have made the very sad 
decision to sell our farm and move into a retirement village. When we moved here more
than 35 years ago, our 26 acres had a very 'ordinary' house on it, with one cactus near
the front door. We have done massive improvements on the house, built lots of farm
buildings, created several paddocks, and landscaped huge gardens.

It will break our hearts to leave, but I guess we have to face the fact that we are no
longer the young, fit, healthy couple we were in January, 1980. It will be a huge 
adjustment for us, from having all this lovely space around us, to living in very 
close proximity to lots of people. However, we are trying to look at it as being 
a big adventure in much the same way as when we moved here.

Because we have to get my poor darling John back on his feet to a reasonable
degree, and we have to get our home and farm ready for sale (with the help
of a lot of lovely friends), then move, I have decided to put my blog
 'in suspended animation' for a few months. 

I have reluctantly stepped down from the DT at Winter Wonderland, but the
lovely ladies there have very kindly said I am welcome to rejoin the team when 
my life settles down. They are a fabulous DT, and I look forward to being 
part of them again in the future.

Until we meet again, I shall wish you all "happy crafting".
Hugs, Jennifer. xxx


  1. Hi sweetie, so sorry to read this especially about John and your home. I hope the ops are a success and the move isn't too traumatic. Good luck and hope to see updates on your blog about his health and the move. Hugs xx

  2. Jenny i am so sorry to hear of all your ongoing troubles. I hope that John's operations go well and that life will be on the up again for you soon. Take care.

    Sharon xxx

  3. I'm so sorry to read about John and your home. I hope things improve for you both soon. I wish you lots of luck with all the changes and everything that going on.
    Take care, and sending hugs
    Lorraine x

  4. Thank you for taking the time to update us all in blogland, even if it is with not such good news.
    It will be so sad for you both to leave what has been your home for over 35 years but I'm sure this change of lifestyle will prove to be a positive step forward and aid John's recovery. A chance to make new friends and an even bigger support network for you both I hope.
    I wish you and John lots of luck and strength for your new adventure and hope you will keep us updated on progress. And eventually I look forward to seeing your return to crafting as I do miss your beautiful creations.
    Take care of yourself and John.
    Biggest of hugs, Kat xx


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