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Friday, 25 December 2015

Happy Christmas

Warmest Christmas greetings at all.

2015 continues to be a year of some highs, and some very deep lows.

If you read 2 previous posts here and here, you will understand why I have not been 
blogging for several months. John is slowly recovering, but will probably never be 
at the level of health that he had before 'things' went so dreadfully wrong. 
He had his 4th (and hopefully last) operation in early November. 

With the help of several tradesmen, and a group of wonderful friends, we prepared
our farm for sale, and were thrown into total shock and quite a bit of panic, when 
we sold on the 8th day it was advertised!! Part of the panic was because there were
 no homes for sale at the retirement village we chose to move into...our buyers want
to move in a.s.a.p., so we feared we may become 'homeless'. A few months earlier 
we fell in love with a beautiful house at the village, but someone beat us to 
putting a deposit down, as we were not ready to put our farm on the market.

Imagine our joy when the day after we exchanged contracts, the manager at the 
village phoned to say that the people had backed out of buying the house
we loved, and it was ours if we still wanted it. There was a huge 
"YES PLEASE" from us!!

HOWEVER, Fate had not finished with us!!!....the very next day  (3 weeks 
ago), we received a phone call that every parent dreads. Our son who has
lived in London for 18 years, had been hit by a car (for several years we
have been estranged from him, but John's near death brought him
back into our lives).

He had his right ear torn off, his left eye damaged, several broken bones
(he requires more surgery on his knee), cuts, and severe bruising. Much more 
serious though is the brain damage, caused by a 2cm tear to his frontal lobe.
He is very confused about everything, and it is so distressing when he 
sometimes doesn't know who we are when they put him on the phone to us. 
The doctors are hopeful that when all the cerebral swelling and bruising 
subsides, and the blood clot dissolves, he will regain his memory and  
most (if not all) his cognitive skills.

I so desparately want to fly to London, but John is not well enough to travel,
nor well enough to leave alone. Besides, we have to be out of here in 3 weeks,
and I have barely begun packing. We have to put our belongings into storage 
and stay in a B. & B. for 1 week, as the house in the village won't be available
for that time. Once we are basically unpacked, I will then probably fly to
London, as John will have people around him, and there are emergency
alarms in all the houses. The manager has said that staff will 'keep an eye
out' for John while I am away.

With that rather depressing news, I will say "bye for now", and wish you all a
happy and safe Christmas. Treasure your loved ones, because we never
know when our lives can be turned upside down in an instant.

Hopefully, in a few months, I will be able to set up my craft room and return
 to creating cards and mixed media projects...I am really having 'withdrawals'.

Love and hugs,
Jennifer xx

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  1. Jennifer, sending you hugs and hoping things improve for you in 2016.
    hugs Lynsey x

  2. Hi Jennifer - just popped by to see how things are with you - I have done very little blogging myself lately. So many ups and downs for you still.i do hope that 2016 will be a good year for you. I'm sure your move to the retirement village will be a good one for you as it means that John will have the support he needs. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for your son - i hope he continues to get well again. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year hugs Judith xx


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