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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Short Break

Hello to all the lovely crafters out there in blogland.

You may have noticed lately that my posts and commenting have become rather 
few and far between. There are a number of reasons for this, and I will briefly 
explain why. We are still trying to finish the renovations that were started
many months ago, but both John and I are dealing with health issues. 

As most of you probably know, John has Parkinson's Disease and heart problems.
He has now developed a kidney problem and has to have 2 kidney operations soon.
I have significant osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, and a few months ago was
diagnosed with a meniscus tear in my right knee, which causes me to limp quite
badly. This in turn has caused plantar fasciitis in my left foot, so I am experiencing
 a high and constant level of pain. My GP has referred me to an orthopedic consultant
with a view to surgery, but in the meantime I have to use a walking stick (which I

Next week we have house guests arriving from overseas, and they will be with us
until early August, so we need to finish the renos., and make preparations for their
stay. With all these factors combined, I have decided that the best thing I can do
 is take a break from crafting and blogging for a while, except for my DT 
commitments. I feel quite frustrated about this decision because I have 
just discovered the wonderful world of mixed media, and am really
 'champing at the bit' to get stuck in and get very messy.

In the near future while I take a break, I wish you all "happy crafting", 
and send big hugs,
Jennifer. x


  1. Oh dear sounds painful. I wish you and hubby all the best and hope to see you back carfting soon big hugs xx

  2. Aww Jennifer, what a time you are having.There is nothing more depressing and frustrating than constant pain. I hope that you get the renovations finished and get the treatment you need to get rid of the pain really soon. In the meantime I am sending you hugs and will keep you in my thoughts. Hugs, Jayne x

  3. Wishing you both well Jennifer xx


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