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Friday, 3 August 2018

Farewell Geraldine

While John and I have been celebrating happy events in July, a rather
sad event happened within our little court here in our Retirement Village.

A darling old couple in their 90s live 3 doors away, and their constant
companion was the cutest little doggie, a terrier called Geraldine. The
3 of them walked, albeit very slowly, a short distance past our house
every morning and every afternoon, and little Geraldine would
wag her tail for everyone she saw, as she knew she was loved 
by all, including John and I. 

Geraldine was 16+, and has been in failing health this past year, so
Ann and Neil had to make the heart-breaking decision to help her on
her journey over the Rainbow Bridge. Her 'Mummy and Daddy' loved
this simple card I made (and the thoughts behind it). 

R.I.P. Geraldine...You are much missed.

On that sad note, I will just say goodnight and thank you for visiting.

Jennifer.  x

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