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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

'S' is for Scarlette

In my last post I mentioned that we had had some very special visitors from 
London staying with us for a few weeks...our son, Craig and our
granddaughter, Scarlette. We only see them on alternate years, so 
the time with them is quite precious.

Scarlette celebrated her 9th birthday a week before she arrived here, and like many 
little girls she enjoys crafty activities, so prior to her visit I bought the wooden 'S'.
I 'let her loose' in my craft room, and here she is proudly displaying her creation.

A close-up look at her rather brilliant work. She chose the colours, and placement
of the embellishments herself. My only contribution was wiring the pearl sprays.
Scarlette was entranced by the magical way the Prima Opal Magic Blue Violet 
paint (blue in the jar) turned purple when painted onto the black gesso.

Back home in London, Scarlette was so excited to attach her
lovely creation to her bedroom door. 

Both John and I miss our darling family, and as an avid crafter, I am VERY proud of Scarlette's creativity. Don't you agree she did a lovely job??? She is also very excited to know that I am including her on my blog.

Until next time,
Jennifer.  x

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