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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pampered Pooches

Hello on this freezing cold evening in the Hunter Valley. I know I
have been a bad blogger lately, but I have been having lots of visits
to my GP and the physiotherapy department at the main hospital
in Newcastle. It seems that I have a torn cartilage in my right knee,
and plantar tendonitis in my left foot. I have been hobbling around
for several months, thinking my arthritis was getting worse, but when
I could stand the pain no longer, I went to my GP. My treatment is
ongoing, and may eventually lead to surgery.

The other reason for my absence in the past 3 days has been that my
beloved little cockatiel received a fright when I was cleaning his huge
cage on Sunday afternoon, and he flew out of it. He was immediately 
chased by a large assortment of wild birds (we live in a rural area) into
a very high tree on the neighbouring farm. We could not coax him down
and had to leave him there overnight. After 2 hours of coaxing yesterday
morning, he finally tried to fly across the small paddock to our house,
but wild birds chased him down the valley. For hours I could hear him
calling me from dense bushland (private property), then mid afternoon 
I heard a dreadful bird fight with lots of birds, and little Tiel screeching
in obvious panic...then total silence. I searched for him until darkness,
then again all day today, while I also did a mailbox drop over an area 
of about 7kms. I fear the worst...Tiel only had one leg, was on a special
diet, and since the weekend, we have had extremely cold weather.

I shall miss my little guy, he had such a funny personality, and was so 
lovable. He loved to sit on my chest watching TV, and would sit on
a perch on my desk, ripping bark off a stick and chattering to me, 
while I coloured stamped images. 

...........Now that I have just had a big 'bawling session', I will move onto
happier things. It will be my brother's birthday next Sunday, and he owns 
2 Pomeranian dogs. I searched the internet and found this free image of 2
 'poms' and another little dog (that looks just like his last dog). I made a 
very simple card, as I know that my brother and his wife bin cards as
soon as they open them...they don't like "clutter".

I covered the front of a kraft card base with bronze metallic paper,
and used some of my massive collection of peel-off stickers to
embellish it. That border sticker on the top of the image is
definitely straight - there is a 'bow' in the card.

A closer look at the digital copy of the vintage painting.

Image - Old Design Shop digital freebie
Punch - Zutter Corner Rounder
Bronze Paper - Unknown (many years old)
Peel-off Stickers - Papermania (sentiments); border from my junk stash

The fire has died, and the house is now freezing cold, so I will take my trusty hot-water bottle off to bed. After the upset of the last 3 days, and the pain in my foot and knee, I am completely exhausted.

I will be back on Friday with my DT card for Winter Wonderland, so until then "happy crafting".

Jennifer. x


  1. Oh Jennifer, this was just such a sad post to read. I am so sorry about the pain you are having with your knee, but I am even more sad to hear about your beloved Tiel. This must just be so heartbreaking for you, it brought a tear to my eye just reading about it. I am keeping my fingers crossed and sending you big healing and thoughtful hugs! :)

  2. Oh, hunny, I'm so sorry to hear that you are suffering so badly with your knee and foot, and to then lose your little friend on top of that is so hard. He sounds like a lovely chap and I'm glad you have the happy memories of him.

    The card for your brother is lovely and just perfect for him with that cute image; I just can't believe it will go straight in the sad. I am totally the opposite as my birthday cards stay on my shelves for several months! And when I do take them down, the handmade ones go up to my craft room :-)

    I hope for brighter days ahead for you,

    Big hugs, Kat xx


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