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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Five Favourite Cards

Hello fellow crafters,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with families and friends.

When I began this post about 2 hours ago, it was still my birthday, but a phone call from our son in London means that it is now my 'unbirthday'.

I had a lovely day out with John. We drove down to the Central Coast (about 2 hours from here), had a light lunch, then a scrumptious afternoon tea, followed by a visit to a scrapbooking store (30% discount for birthday gals!). We then drove up the coast a little way, and sat at the water's edge with fish and chips. When we arrived home just after dark there were several lovely messages from friends on our answering machine, and some other lovely friends had left a GORGEOUS bunch of 20 pink roses and a bottle of perfume sitting on our verandah.

Over Christmas I have had very little time to devote to my blog - I had so wanted to visit each follower individually to wish them happy Christmas, but time and some very unexpected circumstances prevented this. However, I did notice that some bloggers had posted their 5 favourite cards for 2012, so thought I would do the same to celebrate my birthday - oh well, I guess now it will have to be for my 'unbirthday'.
'Scarlette's 2nd Birthday' - 21st September 2012 
'Pink, Pink and More Pink' - 20th August 2012
'Kittens and Butterflies' - 10th April 2012
'Demonstration Rose' - 16th September 2012
'Merry Bear' - 19th December 2012
'Little Fairy' - 7th May 2012
'Daisy Chain' - 25th April 2012

For the very observant among you, you will have noticed that 'my favourite 5' are actually 'my favourite 7'. I was going to eliminate 2, but due to the fact that it is now 1.30am, and I have visitors arriving in the morning so must get some sleep, I just decided to leave all 7.

In case I am unable to post again in the next few days, I would like to wish you all a very happy and safe New Year, and thank each and every one of you for your visits, and for your kind and encouraging comments. You have all made my first year of blogging a wonderful experience.

Big New Year Hugs,
Jennifer. x


  1. Hi Jennifer - 7 wonderful cards - really showcase what fabulous cards you make and woo hoo my cute Christmas bear is there!! Glad you had a good Christmas and a wonderful birthday - hope you have received my email yesterday.
    Pauline x

  2. Great cards Jennifer! I'll wait for your next works!
    Happy (belated)Birthday and wish you and your family all a fabulous New Year!!

    Huge hugs from Rome
    Cinzia xx


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