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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tawny Frogmouth

Hello fellow crafters,

Tonight, my post has nothing to do with craft, but I wanted to share something beautiful with you.

Yesterday afternoon I was walking up to my studio (don't get too excited about the word 'studio', it is an old converted stable next to our horse yards), when a tiny movement caught my eye. To my amazement, this is what I saw...
Isn't he (or she) beautiful. I have sometimes seen him/her at night around our stables, or near our front gate when coming home at night, but never in the daytime. We have always referred to him/her as an owl, but this is incorrect. He/she is a Tawny Frogmouth - a close relative of  Nightjars and Oilbirds. He/she was sitting in a hollow in a red gum tree, at my face level, and I was able to get as close as 1.5 metres away.
This is a typical 'freeze' pose, whereby they try to camouflage themselves. It is incredible when they are sitting higher up on a branch - they look like the stump of a broken limb.
This photo was taken at the same time as the ones of our lovely visitor above just to show you the dire conditions we are experiencing of late. We can't remember when it last rained, and with the terribly high temps., this small portion of our back yard lawn shows what our entire 26 acres looks like, including my once beautiful gardens. We have also had lots of strong winds, so the lawns are constantly strewn with fallen gum leaves and twigs. That tiny patch of green in the background alerted us to the fact that there is a slow leak in a water pipe that leads to one of the horse troughs. Today was again 39 degrees C, and we still have 3 weeks of spring left! It is almost midnight, and although the air conditioner is on in the lounge room, it is a 'sticky' 28 degrees C here in my office, so I will say goodnight, and go and have a cold shower before sliding into bed...methinks I am in for a restless night.

I have managed to make a few more Christmas cards, so I will post another one tomorrow night...until then, happy crafting.

Jennifer. x

P.S. Hi Lorraine...this last little bit has been for your benefit (lol)...I can almost hear you groaning, wanting me to share some of the hot are more than welcome to swap your cold weather with me.
                                                                                                                            Luv, Jennifer.

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  1. hi Jennifer - wow what a stunning photo ... gorgeous creature, I would have thought it was an owl so you learn something every day!!
    Yay! I received your long email yesterday which was wonderful to read on the train going to work ... I will be sure to reply by the weekend :-)
    pauline x


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